Monday, August 6, 2007

Going Beyond the Requirements

In completing this Web 2.0 Blog Project, I have exceeded the requirements. Instead of choosing 3 of the technologies, I have blogged about all 5 of them. I have at least 2 posts each (1 for social networking). I have also included more than 1 example of my use of the technologies. I have links to 3 Google Docs and Spreadsheets examples. In addition to this blog, I have a link to a blog I have created to use at my school next year, I have also created a Wiki to use with teachers in my county. I also have many links to external resources that I visited in order to create my blogs that are very helpful to someone who does not know much about these technologies (As I did in the beginning of this project!). This project really allowed me to experiment with types of technology I was not familiar with before. The knowledge that I have now should prove to be very useful to me next school year.

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